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you deserve to be empowered to share and protect information. we believe presenting information and managing secure access should be effortless. is our attempt at fulfilling this promise.

text is our foundational unit of composing and storing information. plain, future proof, unencumbered by proprietary standards. to give meaningful structure to text we adapt existing open standards. markdown and compatible minimalist rules to mark up your texts allow you to write what you *mean* instead of designing what you *see*. our tool will create artifacts of visual communication from meaningfully structured texts.

we choose mandatory encryption as a means to enforce data sovereignty. you control with whom you share your data. just don't forget your password, we cannot help you reset it.

open source software principles allow you to verify our intentions and implementation and even to set up your own interpretation of our vision. we will share the code base of our editor and application programming interfaces once the editor is publicly available.

our strict belief in data sovereignty means we face hard choices in design, and perhaps harder choices on the business side, in marketing. we cannot in good conscience submit you to ad-tracking from our platform. you can help us spread the word. if you find value in what we do, please tell others. and to brighten our day, tell us that you told others.

we are marie, jule, jakob, jonas and justus from, your friendly innovation lab from germany with (home) offices across the world. nice to meet you!