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focus on what you
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put your thoughts in writing. drop text into our editor, add illustrations, data, code snippets and more. sort your ideas into meaningful segments.

just one click transforms your notes into beautiful, responsive presentations. no need for you to worry about design: we got you.

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what you see is
what you mean

we will interpret the structure of your texts as instructions for our design engine. you can apply specific instructions by marking up your text in our editor - or by using your beloved markdown flavor of choice. all in plain text.

our text engine is very accommodating when it comes to accepting different styles of markup. it is also quite powerful in extending existing conventions to give your notes awesome presentation features.

the editor can hold your hand in applying markup or get out of the way entirely, however you like. it is designed to guide you towards giving your notes helpful structure and to highlight semantic elements. even if you have never heard of markdown.

see for yourself in our live tutorials

our powerful markdwon in use

hello world

share your thoughts

write or paste content into the editor. include images, graphs, animations, LaTeX or code. just choose a style and make your notes public: both your notes and your presentations can be exported to work as standalone artifacts or shared online.

invite people to discuss your work: open a comment section right inside your presentation.

make it live. sync your presentation across devices. use your phone as a remote control. create sessions to get feedback while presenting. no matter the screen size, we make it work for you.

our cloud ports your projects to all of your devices

your way

overcome barriers

we are building an interface that adapts to different needs. choose a mode that helps you get your ideas out there. no matter if in the dark of the night, in the desert sun, distracted by the world, or using assistive technology.

we hope to empower everyone with accessible design and specialized editor modes. so that you can create and share stunning presentations. so that you can communicate visually. across barriers.

modes with enlarged text, simplified interface or totally screenreader-optimized

stay safe

protect your notes with easy encryption

we want your data to be safe, so we try to make encryption as easy and user friendly as can be. in fact, we make encryption mandatory. when your content touches our server, it is already locked. only your password can unlock it again.

all the magic happens right in your browser, no installation necessary. access your work from any device. we automatically save snapshots of your notes, encrypted from the moment you start writing.

your notes can be exported and re-imported in plain text (yes, even the images) to survive the pending apocalypse, readable for humans and machines alike. it is up to you to edge the data into titanium plates for additional safe keeping.

cloud and encryption